Friday, June 9, 2017

Image Challenge Winners

By: Elizabeth Hunt

Josh Cote surrounded by fellow photographers.
Classes have ended, exams written, final projects submitted, and we are ready for summer.
Before we continued on our individual photographic journeys, we all met one last time to
celebrate this year’s accomplishments and to reveal the winners of the 2017 Lambton College Digital Photography Image Challenge.

Always smiling Mike L'heureux
The Image Challenge is a competition held each year for first and second year digital photography students. Photographers from outside of the program are brought in to critique and score the images. The judges scores determine the winners as well as act as a grade for the assignment.

The Judging session is open to students and their guests. First year student, Josh Cote, explains how “hopes are high that you are going to win, but when you see the other entries, it's a humbling experience to see everyone with such great talent”.

First Year,  Overall Award, third place winner Shawna Lavoie
After a week of living in suspense, our students were eager to find out which images had really
wowed the judges. Tanis Wright says “There was excitement in the anticipation of announcements, particularly as we all had our own ideas about who we thought would win each category or which was the winning photo”.

As the winners were announced, students showed their support by cheering them on. Franky
MacDonald describes the experience as “truly exhilarating”.

First Year, Overall Award, second Place winner, Adam Shepley

First year first place overall award recipient, Olivia Kilp Watson says she “was so nervous! My heart was racing the entire time.

First year first place Overall Award recipient, Olivia Kilp-Watson, with Coordinator Richard Beland and Faculty David Chidley
Hearing my name being called was and still is unbelievable”. Second year student, Christina
Watts, who admitted to “rethinking the images I submitted” in our previous post says she “was
very surprised to win first overall; I was not expecting it at all”.

Second year,  Overall Award, second place winner, Elizabeth Hunt

“Winning gives you a confidence boost and in turn gives you more drive to see how much better you can become” explains Josh Cote, who placed both first and second in the nature category.

This year the judging panel included Craig Glover, Niki Patel and Paul Sorensen. Without our esteemed judges there would be no winners.  Thank to the panel for a tremendous job, adding great comments and feedback at the "live" judging event. 

Thanks also to supportive sponsors of the student award prizes.
-Camera Canada
-Nikon Canada
-Luxe Photo studio

Second year First Place Overall award recipient, The Geri Freeborn Memorial Award, winner Christina Watts, with Coordinator Richard Beland and Faculty David Chidley

First Year, Category Winning Images

Nature Category, 2nd Place (tie),  Josh Cote
Nature Category 2nd Place (tie), Prickly Peace by Theresa Chalmers
Nature Category, 1st Place, "Pollock In Nature" Josh Cote
Portrait Category, 1st Place, "The Immigrant" Olivia Klip-Watson
Portrait Category, 2nd Place, "Unstill Child" Theresa Chalmers
Unclassified Category, 2nd Place, "Freckles", Olivia Klip-Watson
Unclassified Category, 1st Place , "Equality" Olivia Klip-Watson
Still Life Category, 2nd Place, "Our Burning Love", Shawna Lavoie
Still Life Category, 1st Place, "Pour Me a Glass". Adam Shepley

First Year, Overall Winners, Additional Images
First Year,  Overall Award, third place "Half an Hour", Shawna Lavoie
First Year,  Overall Award, third place "Essence of Milk", Shawna Lavoie
First Year,  Overall Award, third place "Spreading Her Wings", Shawna Lavoie
First Year, Overall Award, second Place, "Confined".  Adam Shepley
First Year, Overall Award, second Place, "Rocker Girl".  Adam Shepley
First year Overall Award First Place, "Serious Child", Olivia Kilp-Watson

Second Year, Category Winning Images

People Category, First Place (tie),"Solemn People", Raspal Singh
People Category, First Place (tie), "Cruella Velvet" Christina Watts

People Category, 2nd Place (tie), "Within the Silence" ,Andrea Ochoa-Pineda
People Category, 2nd Place (tie), "Suspense", Emily Nutson
People Category, 2nd Place (tie), John Seo

Commercial Category, 2nd Place, "Fallen Angel", Gina Roberston
Commercial Category, 1st Place, "Monochrome", Christina Watts

Places Category, 1st Place, "Concrete Jungle",  Sarah Barry
Places Category, 2nd Place, "Geometric Prism", Sarah Barry

Second Year Additional Images, Overall Winners

2nd Place Overall Winner Portfolio, "Angel's Eyes", Elizabeth Hunt

2nd Place Overall Winner Portfolio, "Sweet Reverie", Elizabeth Hunt

2nd Place Overall Winner Portfolio, "Lost", Elizabeth Hunt

2nd Place Overall Winner Portfolio, "Window Washer", Elizabeth Hunt

1st Place Overall Winner Portfolio, "Blue", Christina Watts
1st Place Overall Winner Portfolio, "Cluster", Christina Watts
1st Place Overall Winner Portfolio, "Subtle Sass", Christina Watts

"Hello and goodbye!" Memories of DPH2015

By John Hoseok Seo
Editor's note: I saved John's blog submission for a special day.  Tomorrow the graduates will receive their diplomas and thus end their time as a student in the Digital Photography program.  We look forward to seeing their futures develop.  Yes Pun intended.  All the best to the class of 2017!  P.P.P!!!

September 2015, I met my classmates of DPHT 2015 at the photography studio L319.  It was very interesting. The range of age of us pretty widely spread from teens to 50’s. This encouraged me because I thought I was too old to get back to school. 

John Hoseok Seo during the first week of first year. By Christina Watts

My age was 44years old then. This course has been getting tougher and tougher. Our expectation for the course that it would be easier than before has been broken always till now because the assignments have been getting harder and harder.

The overwhelming pressure for the assignments might fuel us. 

We can remember the first time in the class, the first time we saw each other. For now, I describe our short and long history as an observer for my classmates.

They and their actions were good subject matter for my photography.

There have been great efforts of the faculties for their class. We, the students have learned photography for 2years.  

It might not be sufficient time for them to build up their skills, experience, and self-confidence. But the faculties’ enthusiasm and efforts could make students get their skills, experience, and self-confidence as professional photographers.

I believe and hope these brand new photographers are going to be more competitive professional photographers in the future.

The first week of September 2015 was still hot. It looked like the summer didn’t want to go away from us.  Fall 2015 class started as hot as the summer fever. They (my classmates) were surely nervous, and tense, but enthusiastic.

Somebody’s enthusiasm must have been an interesting subject matter for some other photographer include me.  Their skill might not have caught up with their enthusiasm yet.

But, they couldn’t stop their challenges.  At any place, any time they lay down on the floor to keep track of subject matter with no hesitating. They were the professional photographers already in their mind.

To learn diffusing of light, highlight, shadow, cast, reflection is the first step for the professional photographer.

To understand light is the basic of the basic. The students recognize how important this step is now.  Lighting is an extremely critical issue for photographers.

The volunteer project was another big step for the students who want to be professional photographers.

To be a professional, they should break down the wall in their mind that makes photographers uncomfortable in front of the customer. They have built up self-confidence through the experiences of the volunteer projects.
After 1 year from the start, their appearance had been changed like that the above pictures show.  How about this?  They were very different from their first step.  How can these dramatic changes be?

Thursday, April 20, 2017

“I hope I win. Oh my God don’t write that!”

By Elizabeth Hunt
Paul Sorensen explains his thoughts about a second 
year image during the Lambton College Image 
Challenge on April 19, 2017 
(Elizabeth Hunt/ Lambton College)
We are wrapping up the school year once again with the Lambton College Digital Photography Image Challenge. Each year, the program hosts a competition for both first and second year students. Judges are brought in from outside of the program to give their expert opinions. The scores are not only used to determine a winner for each category as well as an overall winner, but they also serve as a grade for the assignment. After weeks of planning, shooting, and printing, our students came into class this morning to see if their hard work paid off. The studio was buzzing with excitement as they awaited the arrival of the judges.

This year the judging panel included Craig Glover, Niki Patel and Paul Sorensen. Craig Glover is a graduate and former faculty member of the Fanshawe College photography program, his experience is mostly in photojournalism and corporate photography. Niki Patel is also a graduate from Fanshawe College, as well as a wedding photographer with HRM Photography. Paul Sorensen is a photographer with over three decades of experience. Paul owns Market Visuals in downtown Sarnia and creates printed art for other industry professionals, he also runs workshops and has his work on display at galleries across Cuba. It was safe to say that our student’s prints were in good hands.

As the judges took their seats, the class went silent; the suspense of what was to come next was almost unbearable! The first year images were judged in the morning starting with the nature category. As each image was critiqued, classmates knowingly made eye contact from across the room. Subtle congratulations were given through smiles and pats on the back while the students listened intently at the judges’ comments, trying to absorb as much information as possible.

Craig Glover critiques a second year image 
during the Lambton College Image Challenge 
on April 19, 2017 (Elizabeth Hunt/ Lambton College)
Once the first year competition was over, the first year students were able to breathe a sigh of relief. Scott Orchard confessed that he was “glad the stress is over, but I definitely have a good idea of where I need to go”. Shawna Lavoie was happy to comment on how “the judges’ critiques were really helpful because of their different backgrounds”. The first year students were free, but the second year students were eager to receive feedback on their prints.
Nervousness set in during lunch as the second year’s awaited judging. Christina Watts admitted that she was “rethinking the images I submitted”. Emily Nutson explained how “it was more of a challenge this year” since the second years were to submit more images into less categories. Although some of our second year students were feeling a little anxious, many of them, like Gina Robertson were “looking forward to the constructive feedback”.

As the judging came to an end, students were able to relax knowing that they had all done a good job. Craig Glover said that he was “blown away with the quality of the work”. Niki Patel agreed that “the work was very impressive”. Overall our students can confirm that the image challenge was a great way to enrich the program. Shawna Lavoie commented that “It was a good learning experience”, while Lisa Marshall-Cattran expressed how she “really appreciated the feedback”.

Winners of each category, and Overall First and Second year Winners will be presented next week at a year-end awards dinner in Sarnia. 

A HUGE THANK-YOU to our guest judges Paul Sorensen / Niki Patel / Craig Glover for spending a very long day judging our Image Challenge.  Without them there would be no contest. 
We very much appreciate your time, professionalism and the feed back offered to the students in attendance.

Judges Paul Sorensen, Nikki Patel, and Craig Glover (pictured left to right) critique an image during the first year portion of the Lambton College Image Challenge on April 20th, 2017 (Elizabeth Hunt/ Lambton College)

Former Student, Nikoo Shahabi Sirjani, makes an appearance in a second year image during the Lambton College Image Challenge on April 19, 2017 (Elizabeth Hunt/ Lambton College)
Teresa Perry and Dave Chidley give the judges a quick overview of the images in the first year “people” category before they are judged individually (Elizabeth Hunt/ Lambton College)
Franky MacDonald-Thomas watches as his image is critiqued during the Lambton College Image Challenge on April 19, 2017 (Elizabeth Hunt/ Lambton College)
Bryce Ottewell listens to the judges’ comments as they critique his image during the Lambton College Image Challenge on April 19, 2017 (Elizabeth Hunt/ Lambton College)
Teresa Perry removes an image after it is critiqued during the Lambton College Image Challenge on April 19, 2017 (Elizabeth Hunt/ Lambton College)